*Info page for guests

For all guests who have booked a ticket, we have created an info page with all the important informations about the trip, bus departure locations and times, test concept and much more.

That’s the link to the page:

Departure Points / Times

Place of departure:

In the profile you can select your departure point. If not yet done: best to catch up now!

Departure times:

The departure times will be communicated from January. Depending on the city, the departure on Friday is between 18:00 and 24:00 – sometimes even later.

The return trip starts on Saturdays at about 10:00 at the house.

Meeting points:

The meeting points will be communicated in January.


Wilde Möhre and Bassliner stand for tolerance, mutual respect and openness and they are there for everyone regardless of gender, age, color of skin or ancestry.

If you feel uncomfortable about something, don’t be afraid to speak to someone from the team. We will deal with your concerns trustingly and we will assist you as best as possible.

No Skipass needed

Participation without a ski pass is of course possible and costs 589 euros.

Covid / 2G / Cancellation

Current situation:

The winter trip takes place under 2G-Plus conditions. On the day of departure you need a negative test result from an official test center to access the bus. There will initially be daily tests on site to secure the trip. If the Covid-19 situation eases, a reduction in testing is conceivable. The tests are carried out by a dedicated crew and take place daily from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the house.

Based on our observations from last year, we assume that we can carry out the trip as planned despite Corona. In Switzerland, all ski resorts were also open throughout the winter 2020-2021. We also expect to be able to hold the club and party nights as planned due to our 2G policy.

Rescission / Travel Warning:
If a travel warning applies to Switzerland on the respective date of departure, the following cancellation rules apply, deviating from our general terms and conditions:

An individual special right of termination applies to guests who meet all of the following conditions:

1) The booking was made at a time when there was no travel warning.
2) Participation was not reconfirmed when a travel warning was already in place.
3) The travel warning continues to exist at the time the individual journey begins.

Please note:
The above conditions result on the one hand from the package travel law and on the other hand from the federal corona aid regulations for the travel industry. Travel warnings are issued by the Federal Foreign Office for countries in which the incidence is “a multiple” of the incidence in the Federal Republic of Germany. From today’s perspective, it is not possible to assess whether this criterion will continue to apply in February.

The requirement “travel warning” can be checked here (retrospectively): Warnings/travel warnings.html

Please note:
If participation is not possible or has to be canceled due to a personal infection, this does not result in a special right of termination.

Individual (Non-Bus) arrivals

Your own journey is possible. Please select in the profile for this as a departure point “own journey”, so that we do not schedule you for the bus ride.

There are no parking spaces available at the house.
You can park your vehicle for €35, – the entire week outside Davos at the valley station of the Rhinerhorn mountain railroad. (Please reserve with us!)
Parking in Davos is significantly more expensive.

I didn’t get my Email

Either the mail ended up in spam, or there is a spelling mistake in the mail address. Please send us the following data by mail:

First and last name of the participating person and (if different) of the original traveler
Mail address with which you have registered
We will check the error and get back to you.

Rental equipment

There is a good ski and snowboard rental directly on the first floor of our house. The prices are as follows:

Standard ski or board 69 €
Top ski or board 79€
boots 30€
helmet 15€
You can book the equipment yourself in your account. The rental on site also offers many advantages:

If the ski is not good, the shoe pinches etc. can be exchanged directly.
Even in case of a defect you will get a replacement immediately.
You don’t have to carry the equipment to the bus or from the bus to your accommodation.

Party / Club

Bar / Lounge:

Our bar in the lounge is open daily from 3 pm. Here you can get all kinds of long and soft drinks at socially acceptable prices.
Here there is chilling and listening to good music.


two times a week it goes on from 9 pm in our basement club – combined with the risk of missing breakfast and the first mountain ride.

Programme / Booking

The program planning and booking are not yet completed.

As an example, a week may look like this (all times can be adjusted!):

Every day:

7:30 – 9:30 am breakfast
3 – 12 pm bar in the lounge open
7 – 8 pm Dinner (Except: Wednesday!)


approx. 8 – 10 am: Arrival
from 4 pm: Rooms can be occupied
3 pm – 02 am: Bar in the lounge opens. Getting to know each other, info session & games! Weekly game will be explained and announced.
21 – 6 pm: Club night
(Optional: Breakfast on arrival day: 7€)
(Optional: Ski pass on arrival day: 40€)


The hangover: inside & snow day!

From today on your included ski passes are valid for the whole ski area. Time to make the mountains unsafe!
10 pm: Ski & Snowboard course for beginners #Part1
3 pm-2 am: Bar open in the lounge.
8 pm-12 pm: Sauna open.


Slowly getting back into the swing of things!

10 am: Ski & Snowboard course for beginners #Part2
3 pm-2 am: Bar in the lounge open. Today: Foosball + ping pong tournament!
8 pm -12 pm Sauna open.
8 pm dining room: workshop


Enough chilling!

3 -12 pm: Bar in the lounge open. Today: Poker night!
8-12 pm Sauna open.
9 pm -5 am: Club night (mountain party!).


I think my brain is a fondue!

No dinner at home today!
3 pm-2 am: Bar in the lounge open. (Take it Easy. From 9pm: Short movie night).
Optional: 7:30 pm Fondue evening in urigem Restaurant. (25 CHF/person)
8-12 pm: Sauna open.


A very last time!

3 pm -2 am: Bar in the lounge open (preglow!).
8-12 pm: Sauna open.
9 pm –  5 am: Club night (last-ski-day-mess-up!).


See you in a bit!

3 pm-3 am: Bar in the lounge open (awards ceremony and closing event. Afterwards: small lounge party!).
8 pm-12 pm sauna open.


Cancellation policy

    • Up to 6 weeks before the start of the trip: 30% of the total price of the trip as a cancellation fee
    • Up to 30 days before departure: 40% of the total price as cancellation fee
    • 30 to 7 days before the start of the trip: 70% of the tour price as cancellation fee
    • 6 to 1 day before the start of the trip: 90% of the trip price as cancellation fee
    • No show: 90% of the tour price

Ticket Account

Each person should have their own customer account. If this is not yet the case, please contact [email protected]

To make your journey as comfortable as possible in advance, we will explain what options are available in your account. You will generally have four tabs:

    • Contact details: This is where you store your personal contact details for the account holders:in.
    • Distribute tickets and invite friends:  Here you assign the tickets to you or your friends. For this, the full name and email address are necessary. Furthermore, you specify your departure and if available the clique name.
    • Credit and tickets: Under this item you can book all additional options. This includes, for example, the balance, the room upgrades, or a dinner in the rustic pub.
  • Orders: At this point you can make cancellations.

Change of Ticket Ownership

You can no longer participate and would like to transfer your ticket to another person? No problem! To do so, simply contact us with the following information and we’ll do the repersonalization:

    • which ticket you want to transfer
    • full name and current mail address of the person transferring

For all travel until the end of March 2022, we also waive the transfer fee, in deviation from our GTC.


An example menu on the winter trip might look like this:


Coffee and tea Assorted rolls and bread
Muesli, milk, yogurt
Various kinds of sausage and cheese, cream cheese
Tomatoes and cucumbers
jam, Nutella


For refreshment at noon you may prepare a packed lunch at breakfast.
Dinner as 3 course menu (example)

Here we serve you alternately tasty soups or salads.
Main course:
Spaghetti Bolognese
Schnitzel “Viennese style” with vegetables and potato wedges / turkey schnitzel with mushrooms and rice
Vegetarian/Vegan: Fusilli with zucchini in tomato sauce / Vegetable escalope with potato wedges and salad
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Mango yogurt cream
Generally the meals are omnivore. If you want to eat purely vegan, you can book this additional option.

Internet / Hotspot

Free internet is available throughout the house.

There are also many hotspots in the ski area.

Many German mobile phone providers make data usage in Switzerland expensive. EU roaming is unfortunately not available there.

Room assignment and upgrades

You can assign the rooms yourself in your account. So that you and your friends can stay in one room, we have created the possibility to give your group a clique name. You can enter this name in your account.

In general, 8-person rooms are available for everyone and at no extra charge.

In your account you can book the following upgrades:

6-bed room: 150 € surcharge
3-bed room: 200 € surcharge
2-person room: 300 € surcharge
Empty bed (if only no other persons are to be accommodated in the room): 300 € surcharge per bed
All room upgrades are only available after payment of the remaining amount and are limited. Only one person from your clique has to book the upgrade.